Arriving in Venice


Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucía


Family meeting, Saint Tropez

Joe Brainard +  HAS barcelona for #Fridays for future. A climate call, Barcelona

Rue de Rivoli, Paris

In a world, Barcelona. Home video based on the sound of the American comedy film “In a World...”(2013) , starring the brilliant and magnetic actress, writer and director Lake Bell. @lakebell

(Fridays for future.)

The Grand Tour / Saturn Vacations Commercial

Based on the grand tour  JPL travel posters by DON & RYAN CLARK. @icreature for the @NasaJPL @NASA project «Visions of the Future.» Images of Saturn and Titan’s Moon Descent imager / spectral radiometer – Cassini-Huygens. From the NASA- ESA Mission 2005. Artworks on titan moon: Mark RYDEN @markryden : Yoshi-the forest spirit 2011 gray animal 2007, Leonardo dicaprio 1998 Marion PECK @marionpeck : Wabbit 2012 Music: Alaska airlines safety dance 2021 MEN WITHOUT HATS Barcelona
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