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On June 24, at least 23 people died at the Barrio Chino border post, between Nador (Morocco) and Melilla. Five months later, an investigation by EL PAÍS together with Lighthouse Reports, Le Monde, Der Spiegel and Enass reveals new details about the events. The investigation shows how the authorities of Spain and Morocco reacted to an avalanche that left people in need of help on both sides of the fence, in territories that belonged to the two countries.

While the Moroccan agents did not stop launching tear gas in an area that had no exit and responded to the avalanche with brutality, the Spanish agents did not attend to the victims of the crowding. And they did not do it even though a Civil Guard helicopter was watching and recording what was happening at that moment.
One of the 35 witnesses interviewed claims that a person died on the Spanish side: Moroccan agents appear in a video confirming that death.

Already in Melilla, some witnesses say that they fainted and that the Spanish agents, instead of treating them, tied their hands and handed them over to the Moroccans, who then beat them. Despite the dangerous situation they would face upon being returned to Morocco, the Civil Guard carried out 470 immediate returns.

The truth about me,

1998 - 2020

The Grand Tour / Saturn Vacations Commercial

Based on the grand tour  JPL travel posters by DON & RYAN CLARK. @icreature for the @NasaJPL @NASA project «Visions of the Future.» + Images of Saturn and Titan’s Moon by the Descent imager / spectral radiometer – Cassini-Huygens. From the NASA- ESA Mission 2005. Artworks on titan moon: Mark RYDEN @markryden : Yoshi-the forest spirit 2011 gray animal 2007, Leonardo dicaprio 1998 Marion PECK @marionpeck : Wabbit 2012 Music: Alaska airlines safety dance 2021 – A pandemic dance. / MEN WITHOUT HATS / Barcelona 2021

Climate strike
Joe Brainard #joebrainard + HAS Barcelona for #Fridays for future.

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Welcome Techno-Feudalism, 2024
Based on the article «We are humble servants of the lords of the cloud: welcome to technofeudalism»
by Yanis Varoufakis +
Soundtrack «2001: A Space Odyssey» by Stanley Kubrik +
Soundtrack Prada collection 2021 ‘A Midwinter’s Night Dream’

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In a world,

Home video based on the soundtrack of the American comedy film “In a World...”(2013), starring the brilliant and magnetic actress, writer and director Lake Bell. @lakebell/ Zadig&Voltaire

(Fridays for future)

Saint Tropez Family meeting, 2020





Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucía


Rue de Rivoli, Paris

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