Fin de Siècle,

Fin de Siècle,1993 and GENERAL IDEA´S

It’s 1993, the summer of love. In San Francisco. Me, as a young Chilean photographer come together with a collective called GENERAL IDEA.  They are gay and irreverent, and they launch The General idea´s fin de siecle and GENERAL IDEA: Art, AIDS.  They built a space with thousands pills of AZT at SFMoma. That was their fin de siècle perspective. And for me was an open door. Plus, San Francisco, more than a beautiful city it was in the avantgarde on building open societies. I made a photo series of Gay couples and people walking and sharing in streets of San Francisco in 1993. Castro street as a colored and an open image of my fin de siècle

This series was exhibited at Museo de Bellas Artes in Santiago de Chile, in the collective exhibition Selección Matisse, Fotografía, 1994.  Each photo was laid out on white cardboard, mounted on a 3mm steel sheet, and the images were accompanied by collages with persuasion phrases to use condoms. Everyone does things their own way but, maybe it’s safer to do it that way. At first, the series was rejected by the organization, and finally, hung in the middle of the exhibition room of the museum.


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