Chapter 3

Apparently life at El Monte was not difficult for my father. He was the son of the owners of a big property, although he seemed like one of the tenants. He grew up in a simple life, with a big taste for the rural customs, that he maintained for the rest of his life. 

Oscar and Aida, the real owners, lived aswell at El Monte, as they lived and passed a lot of time in Santiago. The Guadaroli share time together, and my grandmother Yolanda share time aswell with them. Most of them didn’t have children. And Yolanda, my grandmother, it seems she took many years to finally have my father. So then, in between, there was a family of tenant at the property, who has 3 beautiful sisters, who wanted to have a better future. So, Yolanda adopted one of them, Carmen. And Angelica and Rosa adopted the two others. And they lived as a big family.

I just knew, when I was 12, that my aunt Carmen and my two cousins were not real family, I mean blood family. I never asked myself why we were so different on traits. My father grew up with her older sister as two real brothers, inseparable. And my Aunt I love her so much.

I can imagine Santiago on the 50´s.  A quite city surronded by huge expansion of country side. Oscar Magnani lived with Aida infront of the Parque Forestal. He has horses on the Club Hipico, One of his horses run on the horse races. I can´t imagine women on this picture. Santiago and Chile were sexist societies and little towns.


Chapter 4

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