I wanted to use a fur coat this last new year´s eve , but it was imposible. The climate change is a fact. I don´t know how much it will last, but it´s true. It seems it happened in 1875 in Spain tempetures like these in December. But for me these ones are suspicious. We don´t feel cold these days.

The story i know personally about Barcelona starts in 1993, When the city already grow up in progress and face the world with thge Olimpics games. Even theses things the city was still merged in provincial airs. There were still drugaddicts in the gothic area that were survivers of a dificult moment of collective adiction to heroin. Heroin in those days where like the new marihuana. Anyway, here starts a  long journey to splendor, success and confusion.

The rebellious Catalans,

Starting, i prefer the spanish word insumisos. And  i don´t wanna offend any of the beautiful and gentle people i know; my neighbors, my friends, my doctor, my clients, all beautiful catalans. Because I’ll expose a very objective perspective.

Barcelona was for many years a phenomenon, the must, the city where many foreigners would like to live and, many foreigners already live on, and many tourists that would liked to experience its cosmopolitan spirit, walking and eating and drinking.

With the best climate in Europe. A beautiful city facing the sea, and not just any sea; you could enjoy the Mediterranean and its breeze and views, just before starting your working day, having breakfast on a terrace in La Barceloneta.

All these factors lead to a moment of effervescence. We enjoyed a good moment for Barcelona. Really blooming, and it was beautiful. i think because the amount of people was fine yet. And everything was fine. Catalans and spanish still live in harmony. 

So the story of the rebellious catalans data for me since 2005. Me arriving in Barcelona. A vibrant and beautiful city. Nevertheless, the oficial date given by the press, about people rebellion themselves, is 2012. When started the process, that long until 2017.

They wanted to proclaim the independence. The independence day. And it was an amazing day. There are midday news on tv, but this day were longer. And we saw luckyly, the historical moment Octubre 10th, 2017, around 5 pm. Declaring an independence that long 30 seconds.  That just tell the complex moment. 


Finally I kept that quote of Carme Forcadell, President of the Catalan Parlament on those dates, a gentle and courage woman: In a moment we suffer a lack of empathy.

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