After school, I kept meeting new friends from many different schools, from everywhere. And there was a school where the bad guys came, that was called El Marshal. I don´t really know how the school was inside or their customes, but I have some friends from there. They were funny and disrupted people, at least for me.

I think the link was made by my beautiful friend Macarena. We were close friends at school with Maca. We share lots of thing at school and after school too.  She started studying TV Production and met a group of people who spent great time together and were delightful. Maca laughed a lot with them. Felipe Camiroaga was the king and Maria Jose, the Queen. Maria Jose, la Jose and nowadays María was a bomb, a joke, and a dominant character. She loved organizing. Indeed, actually she is a super Finance Manager in a big company.

I will keep introducing people because we were a big group of people doing many things. Then we met a los Mena aswell, and in the center of the family Punsi. Punsi Mena, a born leader. That in fact she lead us to great places and funny experiences.

We all loved skiing and Santiago has this particular and magnificent location, having a great Ski center at 40 minutes up the hill. Even you can make it in 35 minutes, but going fast between the curves. Thirty five curves util Farellones and few more until La Parva or El Colorado. So we used to go skiing every weekend if we were lucky. Punsi, always get an apartment of any friend and we skied during the day and party by night. The mountains in winter were fantastic and up there was another planet. We took the car and arrived to the planet mountain, where life was different. And the view over Santiago was magnificent.

But before telling more stories about la Punsi, Calipe, Lucho and Pancho and me interacting with them, I will describe Maria Ines. 

She was beautiful, blonde hair, pretty face, and nice body. Charming, but strong in manners, i think because of her constant relation with her brothers, 3 guys from the country. 3 Polo players, horse lovers. But Punsi, most of all was a dominant character and with some obssesions. She loved doing what she want and what was fine for her and, for her search for love. And she has a big power, she was our friend with her own fancy car. 

Once, she was in love with a God, a super goodlooking guy, a skier, from my school, but older than us, Raul Fergie. He used to go out with other women, not with her. But anyway, she was in Love. And she used to do whatever to seduce him. So, one evening she told Maca and me, that we were going somewhere, but finally we figure taking the long way uphill to La Parva where Raul was working. She kidknapped us in the middle of the week. I think we made Round Trip Santiago-LaParva-Santiago just for Love.,

So, Maca and me were in between this two personalities, strong  characters and charismatic souls. Two nice and lovely bitches. Until once, finally, we break free. Maca met a machote, goodlooking, and bad guy. A gimnastic guy. Alvaro. And Alvaro has a friend, Sebastian, that had the particularity to live in the country, 30 kms from Santiago, in Calera de Tango. My Edipo complex led me to fall in love with him, a country boy.  We were two uptown girls with two bad guys.

The affair of Maca and Alvaro long one month and half, maybe less. But Maca said about this, we didn’t have nothing in common, zero. Probably he was a sadic, I´m gonna ask Maca, I´m not sure she will be straight with me. On those days we went every weekend to el Gente. The place to be, the disco to dance, the bar to drink in Santiago. And, Punsi was the owner’s girlfriend. So we enter as VIP any event we wanted. Me and a big group of Punsi and Jose´s friends as a big family at El Gente. It was our place and even sponsored us.

Once, we organized a Polo match with 2 female Polo team. It was a Joke. Me, Punsi, Jose, Yoya and Chin, Alejandra, maybe Maca, although she does not ride horse. The thing was, Gente was our team, thanks to the management of Punsi. Now, we are officially the first female Polo team in Santiago. 

Lucho, the ownerwas super nice and he said yes to any demand from Punsi. So, there was a very funny ambience for us and no hard drugs was never taken. Maybe, one or two anfetaminas were taken with Jose, but more thinking of becoming thiner. 

And el Club de Polo was a place too. I dont know who the horses were, but I used to ride a horse. We watch Polo games with great players as well. In Chile we had some high handicap players. As Gabriel Donoso, our handicap 9, tragicly dead in Buenos Aires. 


So, with Sebastian our love kept alive even after the break off of Maca and Alvaro. And, he started being my official boy friend. I couldn´t believe so perfect it was. Finally, i got my boyfriend, someone for me and a real man.  At the begining, there was only one major issue on going out with him. Overweight. He had a beautiful face, that i loved to watch. He had light eyes. And a very sexy small red family stain on the face, down the right eye. He was super handsome, but in those first days, a fat guy because of drinking. I would not tell more of those days because i was fat myself. I had a big Italian ass.


 We spent time in Calera de Tango. He tried to come each weekend to Santiago or I came to see him to La Chacra. A property with vinyards, crops, and pigs. And a big swimming pool in the main house where Sebastian lived.

They were 10 brothers. German, la Pilar, Guillermo, la Ignacia, la Toti,  la Francisca, Cristian, Carlos, el Lelo y la Paz. Ten different brothers from the same father and mother, German and Rebeca Franke. They were totally different, but for me they had all a nimbus, an aura of the 70´s. They born or grew up in the 70´s. La Ignacia was like a Woodstock girl with her husband Keko a Woodstock boy. And la Toti married with el Chino, was the most beautiful of the whole brothers. They were all handsome, a quality inherited from their mother.

Rebequita was super uptight but nice. She was the owner of the whole Chacra, the mother. She should be a very well cared girl, a beautiful face and green eyes. Married to a business man and mother of 10 children born one after another. They were many guys living and growing together. I wondered, how can you manage a family like that. Five boys and five girls growing and going on the adolescence all together. Sebastian told me was fun and sad at the same time. And drugs in the 70´s, as all around the world was exploding for young people. Breaking free was in the air with the hippies manifestos. 

He told me funny stories about brothers taking pills. Pills was a la Mode, and Barbutal was the name. Some kind of Benzodiazepina, a medicine that gave an hipnotic and sedative effect. Those times were before Cocaine become popular. 

Whatever it was, the family was all immerse in the light of that Era. I was younger.

Chapter 7

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