"In this form of
appropriation art,
the tactic of appropriation
is a declaration of love
to the cited art."


Viviana Pizarro

Barcelona based photographer, born in Santiago de Chile.
My photography and videos explore cities, culture and contemporary concerns. Through texts, I play with the thoughts arisen by the power of words, to generate a process of reflection or to invoke uplifted feelings and values. My art is the consequence of all my actions and decisions I have taken until today.
After studying a career in Communication and Public Relations at Santiago, I graduated with a Diploma in Photography at the School of Fine Arts and Design at Universidad Católica de Chile. I started my studies in Modern Art spending a long season in the United States, San Francisco, CA, and New York.   My career spans a decade in the fields of art, design, sculpture, and photography. In 2003, I was awarded the BancoEstado design award, with the piece of sculpture «Ábaco». The award resulted in an opportunity to spend a season in India and Asia, where my professional and personal growth continued.
I´ve lived in Barcelona since 2004 , where I graduated with a Master in Marketing and Communication.  Since 2020, I started working in Video Editing and After Effects. And I am the co-founder of Has Barcelona, a digital design agency of web design, where I bring my unique photographic vision approach, as well as my experience in communication and branding. I´m a film and music lover, and an amateur writer.  
About art, my interest began with the modern American art, with the explosion of the Pop art of the 60´s and the abstract expressionism of the 50´s. Then I took a trip in Europe studying the surrealists, guided by the book «Les Champs Magnetiques» by André Breton & Philippe Soupault and explored the practice of the automatic writing technique («la escritura automática»), and surrealism.  After this european trip, inspired by an extraordinary Indian master, I started studies on Vedanta and Cashemere Shaivism. My most recent interests include studies on Medieval Art, specifically in the periods of the 14th and 15th centuries.



when i woke up in the morning, i thought Angus Fairhurst


Santiago, odisea 2001.

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