#Chapter 7. I´m in Santiago now. I´ve arrived in the best time of the year, October. I have a president agenda. But Im doing well. 

Now, is a good time to introduce 2 more good friends of mine. Today I got lunch with my good friends Maca, Ale and Cara, plus Maca´s mother Mali. We went on an exclusive club to have lunch on a terrace with views over a Golf field. We had the best table of the place and beside there was a table with Mali´s  brother Jorge.

We´ve passed a great time making reviews on many themes and events. And events of the pass, as well. Ale, a lovely friend since she arrived from Argentina, we were neighborghs. We ride our bikes through the green streets of Francisco de Aguirre, Isabel Montt or  Obispo Sierra. She explained to us that she didn´t know that once in 1988 around, she was part of a group who took a house in Zapallar as okupas. She didn´t know that it would be like this. Jose, María nowadays, organized this okupa trip to Zapallar to a close friend´s house that was not in Chile. They made a party first night with other people who were in the area and it was a very funny night. But Ale, next day figure knowing they were as okupas. and this idea freak her out. So she decided to leave Zapallar on her way to Isla Negra, where her family has a house. But the thing was there wasnt buses directly to Isla Negra so she had to live an adventure she would never forget. 

In between, Maca he refuted every sentence and every fact that Ale put forth. And, after the lunch, she was furious.

But most of all, I would like to talk about this event to tell about our lovely friend Mane. Who died this year in a car accident and it was shocking for all of us. She was a sun, a super popular girl, with a plain beauty, and a kind carachter. And Ale was her close friend.

But the second friend I wanted to introduced is Cara. We became friends with Cara when we´ve arrived to the new class at school after the Russian rulette. Cara is hilariuos and sharp. We were super close friends at school and after school as well. We passed many stories with her and her boyfriend.

Chapter 14

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