I was finishing my PR studies and with Loreto, we worked hard on our final project. We made a PR strategy for a school at a poor neighborghood for poor children.  Everyone helped us, specially my new friend on those days, Isidora a super creative designer. We´ve met at Valle de Elqui, another important destination on our chilean lives. El Elqui is a valley north of Santiago, with crystal skyes, full of stars in between big mountains. You are immerse in a thin valle between two mountains. Big mountain on the left and big mountain on the right. We did a camping with Jose and Casta, and in the next area there was this group of 5 people we knew, with this new face called Chisi.

We passed the days in the river, under the sun and the heat. Its  a very hot that area. People in this area produce grapes for Pisco because of the weather. And is the born town of the Nobel Prize in literature 1945, Gabriela Mistral. Knowing the place help to understand better her profound poetry.

Since those days, with Chisi became super good friends. So, she helped us on our project with Loreto. We made a great presentation of our project. We finished our career with a Cum Laude. I didn´t came to the final ceremony to receive my papers. I don´t know why. I just remember that I decided so.

After finishing our studies, we had an amazing experience. We got the opportunity to go to Pucón on the first days of December,  Spring time at the South. Pucón is one of the most beautiful places in the world on nature. There you can feel nature beating because the presence of a volcano, a real smoky volcano. And there are many rivers around, as well, and a big beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and forests. All in one place.

So we decided to accept the offer. The offer was a sports challenge. It consisted of a river race training, carried out by super expert river runners from Peru. Now that I think about it, I can’t understand why I accepted a challenge like that. Karma. And if you passed the training well you could work with them next summer. The offer was good to consider, but you had to be in good shape. I was never a sporty person. There was a time when I used to ride a bike for sport and I once tried to run for 45 minutes, but it was too much for my special character. Anyway, I decided to participate. The idea of ​​nature appealed to me very much.

The training 2 weeks preparation phisically and in learning the technique of go down a river. We woke up 6 am for a morning run. Running for 20 minutes to the lake. I was the last on arrive, always. Coming back by foot to had breakfast. A healthy breakfast. Rest for while and then start learning about the river. The most important teaching from the river was to really go with the flow. Leave the situation to the water. One of the exercise was to go with the flow, using only a lifejacket. But the flow was not a little flow. We have to leave our bodies fall from a long clift, an amazing waterfall of the Trancura River. In spring time all the southern rivers of Chile bring a big flow from higher mountains and rains. So, this was good, in order not to crash  with the rocks, only to flow.

I followed the instruction from the begining but in a moment I was alone immerse in the deep river. After having this spectacular experience I understood that I could do anything. It was amazing.

So, we got the job and we had so much fun that summer. We were invited to run down the Bio-Bio, just for the face as told in Spain. A luxury experience that took 5 days and was super expensive and quite risky adventure. it was a la mode in between the rich people from all over the world before the Bio Bio died as a river to run. A big dam was built next year and made dissapear all the river and its canyons. 

For this event two  of the best river runner of the world arrived in Pucon. We were 3 boats, with Chando the boss, his girlfriend Ursula, and few American people. 
The first day the river was wide and calm that we can jump to the water from it.  But from the second day the mountains became closer and the river started to move rapidly Downstream we hot the first of the big rapids. 

On the third day the famous rapids like One eyed Jack or 

it was late spring we were just arrived to the second week in the valley.

Next morning at five a.m we drive up into the river. It took 30 minutes to arrive before the cross of the river of rivers licura and trancura. We had to get into a thin road that bring us to a cliff and

Right around the corner from it is the pescador falls an amazing waterfall who get to a 

To get there you have to walk between the cliff and the rocks. 

Because is full spring the waterfall was raging

The waterfall is so power you feel the rocks are Shaking under your feet

A winning combination but free from attached. 

Chapter 10

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