Certainly, I was born in a Catholic country and in a Catholic family. So I had this kind of education from a very young age. Although, in these days, a broader perspective influences my life and beliefs, in relation to God. This does not mean that I am indifferent to the antagonism produced by the controversial issue of the Catholic Church, priests and abuses. But any discussion about the Church puts me to sleep.

A city of long avenues and
an open wild atmosphere,

could be the picture of Santiago that defined me the most. Those long avenues taught me the ability to be reflective and gave me time to do so. And, the open and wild atmosphere built a strong base on me, from which a complex life started.  Then through the years, I watched it flourish and break free. From here, I can start developing an idea of persona. And, then I’m going to talk about God. 

I born in Santiago an early morning of the austral summer.

It is a privilege place to arrive in life, more, if arriving  on the late 60’s begining the 70´s. i mean, this helped me to have a fierly broad vision of what entering in modern times means and what a turn of century is. Also to understand the real differences between North and South, East and West, among others.

It is said, the Chilean character is the way it is because of this huge massive of rocks that merged 150 millions years ago, the Andes. And give us, in the local invention, the status of an island. No tropical deseases, no dangerous mosquitos, no poisonous animals and no information arrived in this imaginary long island during those days. 

This status helped as well to built the chilean character. Im gonna talk about the common people. They are gentle, withdrawn, heroic and solidary. With a, more or less, substance of cynism, hypocresy and lies. And the most particular thing is that they are funny.  Quick on the joke. Sharp.

And about those days of early 70´s, Chilean people were austere as well.

The Andes mountains were present everywhere during my childness and youth, reminding me a long, long distance from the rest of the world. The mountain lies on the longest horizon everyday. I think this made me emigrate young to see new places, cultures and different  ways of living.

Santiago is an amazing city with big precious mountains around. It is an extense city founded in a green and fertile valley. Even now, while the city is growing exponentially, nature is present everywhere and around, in the trees, the open sky and the infinite  hills that surround it. 

I grew understanding the progress of life from a quite perspective. As a country mood.  Then through the years, I started receiving many influences, very on the mood of the whole world.  The most important influence was from the United States, because of the geography, but punk born in UK. 

Writing is not hard for me. But, sometimes gets hard when I expose myself pretty more than I used to do.

I´m an amateur writer. This is my first experience in extensive writing and I’m trying to keep it simple. For now, I am focusing on writing the events, not on do the prose. And, an encouraging observation I saw on The Economist, helped me well on free myself. It said,  «most first drafts are second-rate, so becoming a skilled rewriter is the thing.»  So from now on, in order to move forward without embarrassment, I will consider the following chapters as drafts to be rewritten.

#Draft 2

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