PEOPLE, 2024

PEOPLE talks about the essence of existence. We, the people, are what makes existence in this world, we are its soul. The matter and the engine of what makes things happen.

In these photos we find images of different people, in two different cities, Paris and New York, which are hubs and refuges for them. And this series highlights the duality of existence, reflecting the duality within people themselves.

On one side, the everyday, the black and white, the interior, the cold, the dark, the difficult; the challenge of taking action or simply flowing. Yet, it also reveals the beauty of intimacy, the beauty of dialogues, even when life is hard. On the other side, we find an existence full of color, expression, celebration, openness, and dedication. All the things that are inherent to a human being, but that can be lost if you are unlucky enough to be born in the wrong hub.

Therefore, cities as hubs are pure culture. And culture predisposes us to act. These cities are not Tehran or Dubai, they are not in Afghanistan or China. These images depict freedom, expression, and diversity—a foundation of democracy.

PEOPLE also talk about diversity, another essential quality of existence, which is why it is so important and worthy of respect.

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