What I have in common with the Memphis movement is my love for Italian design and the city of Milano. Plus, because Milano is the origin of my father’s family.

Certainly, I was born in a Catholic country and in a Catholic family. So I had this kind of education from a very young age. Although, these days, a broader perspective influences my life and beliefs, in relation to God. This does not mean that I am indifferent to the antagonism produced by the controversial issue of the Catholic Church, priests and abuses. But any discussion about the church puts me to sleep.

First time I arrived in Venice was by train and this is such a a great way for first meet La Serenissima. I walked through the exit door of Stazione de Venezia Santa Lucia and it was a love at first sight. No shame of being a common tourist in the most beautiful city of the world. Trying to skip the crowd is rarely possible. But, for me, the most important thing of all is its history and beauty, and also because

Barcelona, Spain

I wanted to use a fur coat this last new year´s eve , but it was imposible. The climate change is a fact. I don´t know how much it will last, but it´s true. It seems it happened in 1875 in Spain tempetures like these in December. But for me these ones are suspicious. We don´t feel cold these days.

The story i know personally about Barcelona starts in 1993.

when the climate change started.

French stories,

The French Revolution created an emotional, imaginary, collective void for French people: the king is no longer there! Then, french society tried to reinvest this void, to place other figures there: these are the Napoleonic and Gaullist moments, in particular. The rest of the time, French society is still looking for this figure.

Are the French more Royalists
than Socialist?


Mother India, is because India itself is the mother of our humanity. It is so much rich in knowledge that teach us how to get joy and freedom.

I was practicing yoga as a high level sport way of life.


I would liked to have been a British citizen, if it hadn’t rained so much in the UK. And I would choosed London for living.  That means that i would liked to have a big amount of money, a lovely flat and a good job. There´s no other way to stand London.

The natural kitchen,

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